Fashion Q&A

I’ve had these questions sitting in my notepad for literally 1 year now. Procrastination at it’s finest ladies and gentlemen. So before the New Year starts and it officially becomes two years here is my long, long overdue Fashion Q & A featuring your questions from my Tumblr.

Who is your biggest style icon?

 I would probably say Audrey Hepburn since 80% of my wardrobe is based of pieces similar to what she wears. Ever since I was a teenager I have loved her classic style and the way she always managed to dress so beautifully and put together. Over the years I have tried (not always successfully) to emulate that with my own style.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop to get high quality clothes on a budget?

The clearance rack or a thrift store. The clearance rack at any expensive store can be like a goldmine sometimes (I once bought this beautiful red blazer from Portmans for only $20 (originally $120). The key is be patient and really dig through all the clothes they have on the rack. You can find some amazing pieces that way. The thrift store is another great place to find great quality clothes on a budget, just make sure to double check everything you buy for stains and rips.

When your buying clothes do you try on everything beforehand or just play it by eye?

I always love to try everything on beforehand just so I can get better sense of how it will look on my body. Some clothes no matter how amazing they look on the mannequin and the sales girl can look incredibly unflattering on me, so trying on the clothes beforehand is a must for me.

With new fashion trends coming out do you like to follow them or do you ignore them?

It depends on what the trend is. Some trends I see and think that could be a great staple piece even months later when the trend goes away and then there’s those trends that are just to much. Personally I love trends which I can see myself wearing long term instead short term, but that’s just my preference.

What are your best styling tips for people who are in the petite club. I’m 5’1 and I always find it hard to find outfits that won’t make me look like I’m 12.

I know what you mean, this is the story of my life. The best tip I can give is experiment! Experimenting with different silhouettes and necklines is the best and quickest way to find out what looks good on you. What I did once was go to Myer, which is like a big department store, and just grabbed a bunch of clothes to try on, – all in different lengths and silhouettes. In the dressing room I would try them on, take a few photos, usually one posed and one just standing straight and once I got home I would put them all onto my computer and just go through them. This really helped me distinguish what looked flattering on me and what made me look like I was on my way to 2nd grade.


What are some of your favorite books on fashion?

My top three favorites would have to be D.V by Diana Vreeland, How to dress for success by Edith Head and Joe Hyams and Women in Clothes by Sheila Gets, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton.

What are your thoughts on sustainable fashion? Do you have any favorite brands?

I love sustainable fashion and I’ve loved seeing how much it’s grown over the years. It’s changed so much, I remember when I first learnt about sustainable fashion in the beginning it was mainly just basic pieces like plain t-shirts and pants and to see were it is now is incredible. Nowadays you can find whatever you want and in the most beautiful designs and patterns. It’s just incredible and I’m so excited to see how sustainable fashion is going to grow and change in the next 5 years. As for my favorite brands I would have to say they’re Amour Vert, Everlane and People Tree.

Where do you get your inspiration for outfits? Do you follow any certain celebrities style?

Besides Audrey Hepburn I don’t really follow any particular celebrities style. If I’m looking for inspiration I usually look at magazines, movies, nature, books, art, strangers on the street, Instagram, really anywhere.

I really want to have a career in fashion. What can I do now that will help me prepare for it?

My best advice to you is just begin. I don’t know how old you are or in which specific area of fashion you want to have a career in but I would encourage you to just create. The best thing you can do right now is build up your experience. Look for different resources to learn from whether that be books, YouTube, courses at Uni, courses online, or mentors in your area. Just seek out different learning opportunities and go for it.

That is it for my Fashion Q & A. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you so much to everyone who sent in questions!


xo Mirjana Valentin