One Book Per Week I Week 3: The Power Of Habit

Hello my lovelies, welcome back to a new addition of my One Book Per Week challenge. I’m so sorry I haven’t updated this section in so long, that’s completely on me and my horrible time management skills. ( I’m working on it!) So I’ve fallen a bit behind in posting these book posts (as I’m writing this I’m currently on week 6) so I’ve made it my mission to catch up this series. (For those of you who are new, I announce the book I’m reading for the week on my Instagram stories, – the link to my Instagram is in the sidebar or just type mirjanavalentin). I don’t want to take up to much of your time just in this intro alone so I think we’ll just jump into this weeks book of the week.

The book I chose to read in week three is The Power Of Habit, which is written by the incredibly talented author and Pultizer Prize winning reporter of The New York Times Charles Duhigg. For the longest time I have had a big fascination with habits and learning how they impact and shape our lives. There’s a quote by Aristotle that I love that goes, – “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” That’s such a powerful statement, and one I think gives a lot of hope to anyone chasing their dreams. It gives this idea and assurance in a way that to be successful and the greatest at whatever goal it is your chasing, all you need to do is double down on your habits and make sure that all your habits are benefiting you and helping you towards that goal. Obviously there are other factors that play into it, – hard work, luck, timing – but I think our habits are a vital piece and factor to that puzzle.



Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be replaced.

I loved every minute of reading this book and being able to gather so much more insight into how the human mind works and the science behind habit making. I love the way the book discusses and delves deep into the creation and reformation of habits. It answers the questions, – How are habits formed? and most importantly Can I change my habits?.

I know I’m getting annoying and saying this about every book I feature but I truly do believe this is one book you should read at least once in your life. The knowledge and insight you’ll gain from it is priceless, and you never know it may be just what you need to help kick those bad habits.

Happy Reading!

xo Mirjana Valentin