REVIEW I Maui Moisture Hair Mask

I am always on the look out for a new hair mask to try. With me I still haven’t found that one perfect hair mask I want to stick to and use over and over again. The ones I’ve tried so far have been pretty disappointing. Either they make my hair into a giant frizz ball or they do nothing at all.

Last month when I was on my weekly grocery shopping trip I found this new product in Safeway by a brand called Maui Moisture. This was my first time hearing about this brand so I didn’t really know if their products were any good or not, but I did however like the fact that they were free of any silicones, parabens, SLS, sulfated surfactants and synthetic dyes. They’re also 100% vegan and eco friendly.

There was a really large selection of products to choose from but in the end I ended up getting this Heal + Hydrate Shea Butter Hair Mask for Dry, Damaged hair. Over the month I’ve tested it out and if you want to know my thoughts on it then just keep reading!

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The packaging I think is the perfect balance between cute and practical. I love the mix of colors with the gold lid and hot pink container, it really adds this tropical feel to it. Plus it looks gorgeous in photographs. (A bloggers dream)

The container itself is pretty big, it’s 320g, and with the mask you only really need a teaspoon amount. So a little does go a long way. If I had to make a guess I would say this hair mask could last you a good 5-6 months and that’s if you used it once a week. You definitely do get your moneys worth out of this mask.


The scent is delicious. Literally if I was blindfolded and someone told me to guess what it was I would say a mango fruit salad. The scent is incredible and so fruity. I just hate the fact that the scent fades from your hair after a few hours. I would love to have that mango scent on my hair stay on longer, but then this could be because I use a different shampoo and conditioner and not the Maui Moisture ones.


It depends. For me there have been a few pros and cons. Firstly a few of the problems I had with this mask were, one: when I would put this mask onto my hair and as I’m washing it out it would make my scalp feel incredibly itchy. And it would be like that for a good five minutes before going away. I’m not to sure why my scalp gets so itchy considering this is a pretty natural product compared to others that I’ve used before. So that parts a bit of a mystery to me. Another problem I had was just how frizzy this mask made my roots look. Everywhere else my hair would be smooth and shiny and then when you got to my roots it was a giant frizz ball. Hairspray didn’t really help that much and using oils just made my roots look dirty. It was a lose – lose situation.

Something I loved about this mask was just how beautiful and hydrated my hair would look (this is below ear hair) after using it. I definitely saw a big difference in the texture and feel of my hair straight away. My hair felt and looked a lot softer and healthier.

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In my opinion I think this hair mask was pretty average. I didn’t really love it to much and I definitely won’t be re-purchasing it again. Even though it made the ends of my hair feel really soft I just can’t ignore the itchiness and frizzy roots. Those two were definitely the biggest deal breakers.

If your looking in to try out this hair mask then the best advice I can give you is try out a sample first. That way you won’t end up wasting your money on a product that potentially might not work for your hair. Sample first then buy!

Find the Maui Moisture Hair Mask HERE!

Thank you for reading till the end of this review, I hope you all have a beautiful day and I’ll see you in my next post!


xo Mirjana Valentin