Improving My Fashion Skills

I’ve been sewing and making clothes on and off for a couple years now, and so far I’ve been doing it mainly as a hobby. However this year a big goal for me is to improve my fashion skills, both with sewing and sketching. Like with anything I’m learning I always like to take some time to do some research and find some great resources to use to help me. So I’ve gone ahead and complied a list of websites, books and videos I’m gonna use over the next couple of months to learn from and since a lot of you who read my blog are into fashion and fashion design I thought I would share the resources I found with you all. Just keep reading if you want to know about all the resources I’ll be using!


Ever since Masterclass came out in 2014 I have been obsessed with it. I think by far Masterclass is the best online education platform at the moment. I love the variety of courses they offer and getting to learn from some of the best of the best in the industry. You can learn photography from Annie Leibovitz, cooking from Gordan Ramsey, filmmaking from Martin Scorsese and my personal favorites Building a Fashion Brand from Diane Von Furstenberg and Fashion Design from Marc Jacobs. All that wisdom and knowledge at the touch of your fingertips. How extraordinary is that!

If you’ve ever browsed through the Masterclass website then you would have noticed that these courses do come with a fee of $140. Personally I think that’s a pretty decent price to pay considering just how much knowledge your going to acquire from the course itself, and I would definitely view it as an amazing investment towards my goals. It’s your chance to learn from the best in the industry and you can do it wherever you are and whenever you want.

Diane Von Furstenberg Teaches Building A Fashion Brand HERE!

Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design HERE!


By now you’ve probably already heard about SkillShare. It’s a very popular learning site that everyone and their mothers knows about. Since I still haven’t tried Skillshare out (haha I think I might be the only one) I thought now would be the perfect time. I signed up for my account really easily and got my first month for free (to upgrade to a premium account it costs $96) and very quickly I found a bunch of videos on fashion creating and fashion sketching. I’ve saved a ton of the ones I want to watch and now I just need to start.

Fashion Courses – Find Them HERE!

Sketching Courseas – Find Them HERE!


If you were to ask me I would say about 98% of the things I’ve learnt to do I learnt from YouTube. I learnt how to cook, sew an entire shirt by hand, cross-stitch, draw, paint, grout tiles, make jewellery and grow my own herb garden all through YouTube. So when I decided to learn more about fashion I immediately went and researched some videos to use. I found some great basic ones to start with. I got one on drawing a fashion figure ( my sketching skills at the moment are REALLY bad), making my own patterns and a beginners video to sewing. My motto is start from the basics and work your way up. Even though I do know quite a lot about sewing I think it’s best to go over the basics again just to re-fresh what I know and make sure I’m not forgetting important things that are going to make creating clothes easier for me.

Learn How To Draw A Fashion Figure HERE!

Learn How To Make Patterns HERE!

Learn To Sew HERE!


Good old fashioned books. I always say books are these little nuggets of wisdom. I love reading and I’ve learnt so much over these years through books. Before lectures, talks and courses like the ones from Masterclass, books were the way I learnt from the best in the industry. I would learn about finance from Warren Buffet, entrepreneurship from Richard Branson and Tim Ferris, couture sewing from Claire Shaeffer and so much more. Books are an amazing resource to learn from and I always love having them on my bookshelf whenever I need to check or research something. There one of my number one reference materials.

9 Heads: A Guide to Drawing Fashion – Get it HERE!

Couture Sewing Techniques – Get it HERE!

The Pattern Making Primer – Get it HERE!

The Sewing Bible for Clothes Alterations – Get it HERE!

The Sewing Book – Get it HERE!

Those are all the resources I found and will be using in my learning. If I do find any other resources I will make sure to mention them on my Instagram (link is at the top). Thank you so much for reading till the end, I hope you all have a beautiful day and I’ll talk to you all in my next post!


xo Mirjana Valentin