Autumn Style Guide

Does anyone else struggle with dressing cute when the colder months hit or is it just me? For me I’ve always hated the cold weather. Whenever Autumn and Winter arrives I find myself falling into a fashion slump. I usually re-wear the same basic outfits on repeat (I know HUGE outfit repeater, GUILTY!) and not really experiment with different looks. To get myself out of this fashion slump I have thought of some ways to add a bit more color and excitement to my wardrobe, and today I’m sharing some of my tips with you along with my Autumn fashion essentials in this Style Guide. If you want to see what made it into my Style Guide then just keep on reading!


What easier way to add color into your wardrobe then by a colorful scarf.Over these past few weeks I’ve loved taking my bright colored scarves and incorporating them into my outfits. My favorite scarves at the moment are definitely my Baby Blue and Turquoise Vince Camutto scarves. I love how soft and thin they are but yet still so warm. They very practical and look so beautiful at the same time.

Vince Camuto Scarf:

Portman’s Scarf:

Portman’s Scarf:


Mixing two very bold and contradicting patterns together was a really big trend a couple years ago and I personally still love this trend to this day. I think there’s something so beautiful and unique about an outfit when two patterns that would normally never be worn together just fit so beautifully mixed together. It’s different and exciting and also a whole lot of fun. If you don’t believe me then just try it out!

Pattern Mixing Inspiration #1:
Pattern Mixing Inspiration #2:
Pattern Mixing Inspiration #3:
Pattern Mixing Inspiration #4:


You can never go wrong with having a good old classic coat or two in your wardrobe. They’re timeless, classic pieces for a reason. You can wear them anytime, any year, any season, anywhere and you’ll look good. That’s guaranteed. I’ve invested in getting two coats for myself, one a Classic Trench Coat and one a Camel Coat. I’ve owned these coats for months now and already I have gotten so many uses out of them. I wear them practically everywhere. When I go to dinner, to the stores, on walks, events, you name it. What I love about them is the fact that they go with absolutely EVERY outfit. I’ve yet to wear something were I’ve gone “You know what this coat just doesn’t go together with this outfit”, it just doesn’t happen.

And I don’t want you to think I’ve got to spend hundreds of dollars to buy a good classic coat, cause you don’t. My trench coat that I have I got from Portman’s for $99 and the Camel Coat I own I got for $60 from Target. I’ve worn them at least a hundred times by now and they are still in the same good shape they were when I first got them. With classic coats I always say Do your Research and Shop Around. That is the best way to get yourself a great quality Classic Coat for a decent price.

Trench Coat:
Camel Coat:


Comfortable boots. I always hear people say “Fashion is pain” but you know what it doesn’t have to be. You don’t need to spend hours on your feet walking around in terribly uncomfortable boots just because they look cute. Really who has time for that! Instead it’s better to invest some money in a pair of boots that are not only cute but are are going to be comfortable too. A couple months ago I found myself a pair of these beautiful black seude boots at TK MAXX, which are not only cute but they also don’t make my feet hurt like hell at the end of the day. They’re by the brand Kurt Geiger and these boots are from their Carvela Collection. I’m not really sure how much they were originally but I ended up getting them for $60. Which is not bad price wise especially considering how much use I’m gonna get out of them. These are not boots I’m gonna wear now and then when I go somewhere special, these are going to be my everyday errand shoes. And for that reason alone I think that makes them worth the $60 investment.

Pointed Heeled Stiletto Sock Boots:

Pointed Toe Suedette Sock Boots:


In the stores I’ve been seeing a lot of berets popping up lately, and I could not be more happier. As far as hats go I only like a certain amount of them. Some I find really cute whilst others I feel like I can’t pull of. (I have a small head so not all hats look flattering on me.) When it comes to berets I’ve always had a special spot in my heart for them. I think it started in 2nd grade when I fell in love with France in my french class, ever since then I have been obsessed with anything French. For me berets are the perfect blend of beautiful, classic and elegant. And let’s be honest have you ever seen anyone wear a beret and not look cute! Cause I haven’t. Currently I am the proud owner of two berets one in black and one in a dark grey. And as much as I love them I do want to get one that’s a bit brighter so I’m currently deciding between getting myself this pink beret from Forever New or this red beret from Forever New. Tell me which one do you love better?

Pink Beret:
Black Beret:
Red Beret:

There you have it, that is my Autumn Style Guide for 2018. I hope you enjoyed reading it and it gave you some fashion inspiration for this Autumn. Throughout this blog post I have tried my best to leave some links to items I talked about or similar items to that. If however there’s something I talked about that I didn’t leave a link to then just leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you so much for reading till the end, I appreciate it and I’ll talk to you all in my next post!


xo Mirjana Valentin