Review I Natio Lip Color Lipsticks

If you’ve read my blog since it’s inception then you’ve probably heard me talk on and on about Natio.  This is a brand I have been using for years on end now and it’s definitely at the top of my favorite makeup brands list. After going through all my posts I noticed I haven’t really written any indepth reviews of any Natio products yet so I thought I would start today with a review of the Natio Lip Color Lipsticks.

I’m actually going to be reviewing two of their lipsticks, one a great natural deep pink/plum and a glamourous red, so if you’re interested in reading my thoughts on these two lipsticks definitely keep reading this review!




The packaging of this lipstick is very simple and minimum. It comes in a plastic black container with just the N (for Natio) logo on the top. The plastic itself is really great quality. It’s very thick and sturdy, which I love because a problem you can have with plastic lipstick containers is that they break really easily. Especially if your someone that’s on the go a lot and is know to drop their things everywhere (ahm “shuffles feet”). I’ve dropped these lipsticks a few times myself, once from a moving car, and they’ve yet to break. So for packing quality I’d give it a 10. Well deserved I think.


Okay tell me, am I the only one that can’t use makeup that has a strong smell to it, is anyone else like that? That is honestly one of my biggest pet peeves with makeup. If they have a strong perfume scent to them I don’t wear them..ever. I’ve only found 4 lipsticks I like so far, including this Natio one. With this Natio lipstick I love the fact the smell is very light and reminds me of flowers and nature, it’s a very natural scent. When you put it on you really don’t smell anything at all, and you definitely don’t have that fragrance going up your nose every two seconds.


I would say it’s a bit in-between, although it does definitely lean towards more of a matte lipstick then a cream. It does have some moisture in it but only slightly, you’d still need to use a lip balm or gloss if you wanted to add more hydration to your lips. The color itself is really beautiful and I think it would flatter a lot of different skin shades. The shade of this lipstick is a beautiful mix between a deep pink and plum shade. It looks very natural when you put it on and I think it makes for a really great everyday lipstick. It goes wonderfully with minimal everyday makeup looks and also with the more glammed up evening looks as well.


I love this lipstick and it’s been one of my favorites for quite some time now. I love the color of it and the way it really flatters my skin tone and helps enhance my makeup looks. It also stays on a really long time which is also a really big plus in my book, because if you know me then you probably know the one thing I hate is having to reapply lipstick every half an hour. I love my lipsticks to last long, and this one does a great job at that.

This Natio SPRING Lip Color Lipstick retails for $14.95, – and you can find it HERE!




The smell of this lipstick is identical to the SPRING lipstick. It’s also very light and natural with it’s scent.


This lipstick is more on the matte side. It dosen’t seem to have that slight bit of moisture like the SPRING one does, which is interesting since they are both from the same collection. Unlike the other one this one is just completely matte and if you wanted to add any sort of gloss or moisture to it you would have to use a lip balm. Usually I don’t really like matte lipsticks but with this one I actually prefer it, since it makes the application process so much easier. I’ve had a total of two red lipsticks in my life (both cream) and I was the biggest mess whenever I would put them on. And not a hot mess…just a hfhgshf what are you doing mess. With this matte lipstick it just makes things so much easier. I rarely ever smudge it and it just ends up looking very clean and put together. #RedLipstickGoals

I also adore the color of this red. It’s one that definitely leans towards more of the deep wine reds instead of the orange reds. I love that. I think it compliments my skin tone really well and does a great job at not making me look washed out. If you’re someone that prefers the more deeper hues of red you should definitely check this one out.


This is one of my absolute favorite red lipsticks I’ve ever owned, and I’m not over exaggerating. This lipstick was definitely one that was a ‘Aha’ moment for me. Finally I had found a red lipstick that both looked great on me and one I could actually apply with ease of mind. The whole package! If you’ve ever searched for the perfect red lipstick you probably know what I’m talking about. Just finding that one red lipstick that fits you perfectly is such an exciting moment.

This Natio RUSH Lip Color Lipstick retails for $14.95, – and you can find it HERE!



xo Mirjana Valentin