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Hello my beautiful readers, How are you all doing this fine day!

For today I wanted to share and talk to you about some of my Current Favorite Beauty Essentials. I’m a huge makeup and beauty nerd (as many of you know) so my beauty favorites tend to switch up every few weeks, however these five products have remained my trusty favorites for a good three months now. Which is huge for me! So in this post I wanted to share with you those products and tell you what I love about them.

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NATIO Rouge Glow Blusher

This blush has very quickly become one of my favorites. I used to only stick with very peach toned blushes, mainly because I felt those looked the most flattering on my skin tone, but since using this one I’ve become more open to trying pink toned blushes. This one is definitely more on the darker side of the pink shades. It leans to more of a deep hot pink, which I love since it gives of this very natural, subtle hint of color without being to over dramatic. I love the pigmentation of this blush, and just how easy it is to blend in. I think that really makes it such a great go – to blush and I’ve just loved wearing it these past few months.

This product retails for $13.95. You can shop the NATIO Rouge Glow Blusher here.

Butter London Patent Shine Nail Laquer

Butter London has always had some of the most beautiful shades of nail polish I’ve seen, so to be able to add a new Butter London nail polish to my collection is always such a joy. You can imagine my excitement when I found their R.S.V.P 4 piece Patent Shine Nail Laquer Collection at T.K Maxx, for half off. I was over the moon. For the same price as one of their normal sized nail polishes I was getting four with this pack. How awesome is that!

Whilst all the colors I got with this pack were so stunning, – I received a red, grey, cream, and hot pink, – I did find myself gravitating towards the hot pink nail polish a lot more then the others. It’s such a vibrant, bold and fun color, and I felt it had a lot of summer vibes to it. It fit so well with everything I wore and it quickly became a staple for me. Like french nails.

This products retails for $29.00. You can shop the Butter London Patent Shine Nail Laquer Collection here.

Butter London Hardwear Top Coat

Remembering to add a top coat after I paint my nails is not an easy task, let me tell you. I always get stuck in this cycle of either forgetting to put it on or being to lazy to put it on. Anyone else like that?

So to help get me inspired to remember to add a top coat to my nail polish routine I decided to pick up this Butter London Hardwear Top Coat. I usually always opt for the Sally Hanson ones (which are really amazing quality and definitely worth the price), but since I got this one half off with the purchase of the Butter London Patent Shine Nail Laquer Collection I decided to give this one a try instead. The few times I’ve remembered to put this on (progress!) I’ve really loved it and have been super impressed with it. It dries really quickly – around 2 minutes, adds this beautiful shine to my nails which makes the nail color pop even more, and also helps keep my manicure fresh and prevents it from chipping to quickly. As far as a Top Coat polish goes I would put this one alongside the Sally Hanson one, because it is truly one of the best you can get.

This product retails for $18.00. You can shop the Butter London Hardwear Top Coat here.

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Nude By Nature Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshadow

Nude by Nature has been a brand I have been using for 4 years now, and is one I proudly recommend to all my friends and family when they ask me for suggestions on what new makeup products to try. If I had to sum up Nude by Nature in 4 words it would be…

Great Quality – Long Lasting – Cruelty Free – Inexpensive

and that is something that is universal with all their products. This eye shadow is one of the best you can get, especially for $17 dollars. It’s very pigmented so a little does go a long way, and it’s also very long lasting, even when you don’t use an eye primer beforehand. The eye shadow I have is in the shade Sunrise, which if you can tell by the name is this very beautiful golden shade. You can however also find this eye shadow in 11 more beautiful colors on their site as well.

This product retails for $17.95. You can shop the Nude By Nature Natural Illusion Pressed Eyeshdadow here.

Red Earth Perfect Touch Pressed Setting Powder

This is such a simple product but one that makes a huge difference to my skin, especially on days when I want to feel a lot more relaxed and not really be wearing a ton of makeup on my face. This powder along with my Ere Perez avocado mascara and olive oil lipstick create my entire “I’m to lazy to put on makeup but I still want to look somewhat put together” makeup look. It takes 2 minutes and I feel fabulous, which what more can you ask for. Am I right?

The powder itself is very light so you can really play around with the coverage, making it as light or as heavy as you want. I did find it doesn’t do that great of a job at covering blemishes or acne marks so you will need to use a concealer beforehand, if you want that extra coverage. Something I did notice every time I put this powder on is it would leave my skin looking very silky and velvety and sort of filtered in a way (I hope that made sense). Basically my skin tone appears completely even and my skin looks incredibly soft and perfect (even when it is far from it) it gives of that allusion. Which is such a huge testament to the quality of this product. I can honestly say that this is the first powder I’ve used that has given my skin this “perfect” look, no other powder has come even slightly close. I would highly recommend you try it out if you have the chance.

This product retails for $34.00. You can shop the Red Earth Perfect Touch Pressed Setting Powder here.


xo Mirjana Valentin

*This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked or gifted these products to review. I purchased these products with my own money and these are 100% my own opinions.