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Even though we are already half way through March I still wanted to sit down and share with you some of my favorites from the months of January & February. I have a mix of things to share with you ranging from makeup to clothes to skincare to lights, so I’m just gonna jump straight into it, but before I do I just wanted to add that I also filmed a video version of my January & February favorites which you can find here for those of you prefer listening to reading!

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After seeing so many different clothes coming out in beautiful polka dot patterns I knew I wanted to add a polka dot piece to my closet, and as luck would have it when I was in Target one afternoon I stumbled upon these beauties. For me they are the perfect pair of shorts. I love the way they’re tight around the waist but slightly looser on the bottoms, they’re super flattering, comfortable yet stylish as well.

These Polka Dot Shorts retail for $15.00;- and you can find them here.


You’ve probably noticed that Check Print blazers are all the rage at the moment, and I think they are here to stay. Usually I’m not one to just jump onto a trend but when I see a trend that has the opportunity to become a timeless piece then that gets my attention. I was over the moon when I found this beautiful Check Print Blazer at Dotti last month. Not only was it in my size, beautifully made and fit like a glove but it was also only $80, which may sound like a lot but when you compare that to the other three I looked at that were $120 then $80 dosen’t sound that bad. Plus the way I see it this is a blazer I’m going to be wearing for years, like 10 or 20 years from now if I can still fit in it I will be wearing it, so I like to view it as more of an investment then a splurge.

This Check Print Blazer retails for $79.95;- and you can find it here.


I cannot get enough of statement pieces! They’re such a simple way to elevate an outfit and take it from ordinary to Wow. You can imagine how excited I was when my mum showed me this gorgeous emerald blazer at Target. (haha yes I’m at Target a lot) I fell in love with this blazer straight away, it was so stunning. The color firstly is so pretty and unique, and I honestly haven’t seen that many emerald blazers online or in-store so to find one was really exciting. I also loved the way it was really form fitting and had a tailored look to it. That was a huge plus for me and adding in it was also on sale for $15 I was pretty much sold.

This Emerald Blazer retails for $39.00;- and you can find it here.

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From the Simple skincare line I got myself a Cleaner, Toner and Micellar water to go with the current Kora products that I’m trying to use up. I didn’t want to get anything to expensive or fancy since I am going to be switching to the new Kora Noni collection, so I just needed something to use in between that time to help keep my skin clear.

Simple is a brand that I have used before and one whose products I’ve really liked, so I though it would be a great idea to pick up some products I needed from them. I ended up picking up three products, which I have been using consistently all through February.

Product one is their Foaming Cleanser, – This cleanser is one of my absolute favorites. I love how light it is, the way it makes my skin feel really soft and silky, it does a great job at brightening up my face and leaving it looking really fresh, and I also love the beautiful light scent to it. It’s really nice since it’s not to overpowering or strong.

Product two is their Soothing Facial Toner, – With this toner the first couple weeks I used it I didn’t really think I was seeing that much of a difference to my skin. Little did I know it wasn’t the toner that wasn’t working but my lack of knowledge on what a toner is suppose to do for your skin. Once I actually took the time to read up on it, it finally clicked for me and I began to notice just what a difference the toner was making to my skin. I used to get very oily on my forehead and around my cheeks and ever since I started using this toner that oiliness has just completely gone. I would say what really impressed me was how well it took away the oils without leaving my skin feeling dry. That was a huge plus for me and one of the reasons why I’m still consistently using it.

Product three is their Micellar Cleansing Water, – I had been wanting to pick up a Micellar water ever since I saw Amelia Liana feature it in one of her vlogs. I had grown tired of spending so much money on repurchasing makeup removing wipes and wanted to try something that was more inexpensive and less wasteful, cue Micellar water. I think it does such an amazing job at removing all my makeup and getting rid of all the build up I get on my skin throughout the day, and I also love the way it leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed. I’ve loved using it and I don’t see myself going back to the makeup removing wipes anytime soon.

These Simple Skincare products all retail for $5.00;. and you can find them here.


Ere Perez has, as you know, been one of my favorite makeup brands for a while now. I have been slowly trying to build up my collection with different products from them and last month I got to add this gem to my collection. This was my first time trying a lip product from Ere Perez and wow did it not disappoint. I think this has got to be my all time favorite lip product ever, and I don’t say that lightly. I’ve always said that my perfect, ideal lipstick would be moisturizing, have a great color with long lasting ability and be all natural. And low and be hold here comes Ere Perez with my perfect lipstick!

It ticks all the boxes for me and I’ve loved wearing it this past month. I’ve also done a review of this lipstick which you can read here if you’re interested to know more of my thoughts on it.

This Ere Perez Olive Oil Lipstick retails for $19.95;- and you can find it here.


If you are a blogger, youtuber or filmmaker then you probably know the frustration of having to film with natural lighting. The constant light changes, only filming when it’s sunny, not being able to film after 5pm, it can all get frustrating and annoying very quickly. After 2 years of filming and taking photos for this blog with natural lighting I finally decided it was time to invest in some lighting.

After doing my research I ended up choosing this Luvo 19′ Ring Light and I couldn’t be more happier with it. It’s so bright and does a fantastic job at lighting up any area which I’m filming in, the stand is very sturdy and light weight (the only peeve I have is with the legs at the bottom of the stand which are a little flimsy, but it’s not to much of a problem) and it’s also very easy to assemble and dissemble so I can take it any where with me. This light has helped me so much with filming and photos, and I just can’t imagine creating my content without it. It’s been such a lifesaver and I’m so grateful to have it.

This 19′ Luvo Ring Light retails for $199.95;- and you can find it here.

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*This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked or gifted these products to review. I purchased these products with my own money and these are 100% my own opinions.


xo Mirjana Valentin