Top 5 Tips For Achieving & Maintaining Healthy Hair

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How are you all doing today! It’s been a while since I last blogged on here and to tell you the truth it has not been easy getting back into it. Even though I have so many ideas on things to write about, I’m finding the actual sitting down and putting my thoughts into cohesive sentences really difficult. I don’t know if it’s my actual writing or if I’m just being to hard on myself, but the last couple of posts I’ve written have just felt really rusty and stale to me. It’s definitely not my best work. Which sucks for so many reasons, firstly because the last thing I want to do is put out mediocre content on here, and secondly because writing was my first love for the arts. From a very early age writing was this special outlet for me were I could express myself and my feelings and emotions. So to feel disconnected from it has been weird.

It’s been a couple of months now and finally enoughs enough. I don’t want to sit around anymore waiting for that inspiration to write again to return. I love writing and that’s what I’m going to do. So a little mini goal I’ve created for myself is to upload 3 times per week on here. I figure the best way to get out of any creative writing rut is to just write. Simple as that.

So hopefully you enjoy these upcoming posts, and I ask that you don’t judge to harshly if they sound a little rusty from time to time. 😄

We can’t control everything: hair was put on our heads to remind us of that, but with enough experience and knowledge we can always learn to master the art of hair styling and hair care.

I wasn’t always the best at styling and taking care of my hair. If you actually go through photos of me ages 13 -18 you would know what I mean. I was very experimental with my hair trying on any product I could get me hands on to achieve perfect Blake Lively hair. (Gossip Girl was huge around this time and Blake Lively’s hair was goals to me.) Suffice to say I never got my hair looking anywhere near to how Blake’s was. I actually achieved the exact opposite because after using so many products, my hair had started to resemble that of an old brush. It was bad. My hair was dry, damaged and so brittle from all the products and heat tools.

Since there was nothing I could do to help repair the damage I knew what I had to do. Cut it into a bob and start again, and that’s just what I did. Since then I have become very conscientious of what I use on my hair. When using products I try to make sure they are as natural as possible and that the damage they cause my hair is very minimum. This has become extremely easy to do after I switched to more natural hair brands and started d.i.ying hair treatments. So to share some of what I’ve learnt about natural hair care over these past few years, here are my top 5 hair tips for achieving and maintaining healthy hair.

Watch My Hair Tips For Healthy Hair Video Here

Bridget’s Top 5 Hair Tips For Healthy Hair

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TIP 1: Rosehip Oil To Tame Frizzy Hair

We’ve all heard of Rosehip oil and the wonderful benefits it brings like helping with wrinkles, healing scars and burns, soothing stretch marks, pigmentation , sun damage and acne, but did you also know it can be used for treating frizzy hair.

I actually just recently learned this tip by complete accident and let me tell you it has been life changing. My only question is where was this tip 8 years ago when I needed it. This method is the only one I know that actually completely takes away all the frizziness out of my hair. Other methods and treatments I’ve tried have only been able to keep my hair tamed for a couple hours and then its back to frizzy hair again, whilst with this my hair stays frizz free for days.

I use this method every time before I wash my hair. What I do is grab 1-2 drops, massage it into my hands then very gently massage that all over my hair, starting at the ends and working up to my roots. I do this for a couple of minutes then I put my hair up into a bun and leave it to absorb into my hair for 1-2 hours. I find the longer it sits in my hair the better the results.

After 1-2 hours I wash it all out – shampoo, condition – and dry it like usual, and I’m left with the same amazing results every time. My hair feels soft and silky, it’s completely smoothened out and I have zero frizziness.

It’s a simple method but it makes a world of difference.

TIP 2: 3 Favorite Natural Hair Products

Switching to natural brands can be an intimidating thing sometimes. Especially when your new to the whole scene and have zero idea what to look for. You have hundreds of different products and brands, and they are all telling you about the amazing results you can achieve by using their product. So where to start?

I’ve only just recently started learning about different natural hair brands, so I am not an expert whatsoever, but through trial and error I have discovered a few gems which I love.

Essano Shampoo

Besides being all natural, certified organic and cruelty free, it’s also one of the best natural shampoos I have ever used, and I don’t say that lightly. I’m usually really picky and hard to please when it comes to shampoos, however this one just ticks all the boxes.

It smells beautiful, leaves my hair feeling super soft and luxurious, and it does an amazing job of cleaning my hair without stripping down to much of my natural oils. Which is great because I love spreading out the amount of days between washing my hair, and with this one I can go up to 3 – 4 days before it gets to oily.

The Essano Shampoo retails for $15.99 for the 300ml bottle,- and you can find it here.

Yarok Feed Your Hold Hairspray

One complaint I often hear when I mention switching to more natural products is “it’s over priced and the quality is horrible.” Which fair enough, it’s happened to me a few times before but with this product I can guarantee you will not be having buyers remorse after getting it.

Not only does this hairspray do an amazing job at holding hairstyles, leaving your hair feeling very natural and not sticky or crunchy at all, it’s also packed full of very natural ingredients. Some that are included are Rosemary, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E along with a few more ingredients. Not only is this hairspray much healthier for your hair, it’s actually much healthier for you as well since you won’t be breathing in all the toxic fumes found in traditional hairsprays.

The Yarok Feed Your Hold Hairspray retails for $24.95 for the 120ml bottle,- and you can find it here.

Natulique Heat and Sun Protector

While this Natulique heat protector is amazing and I love it, it is definitely more on the pricier side. One bottle will set you back $45 dollars so you do have to ask yourself is this worth the investment. For me it was just because I do use heat tools quite a lot on my hair, and with the summers here in Australia the sun can get pretty grueling on my hair the more I’m outside.

Besides protecting your hair from heat tools and UV rays, it also has a ton of ingredients that are super enriching for your hair from Omega Fatty Acids, Vitamin B, Ricinoleic Acid to Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, derived from natural Wheat Germ and Wheat Starch ( which does a great job at conditioning and increasing the overall strength of your hair).

The site were I got it from does offer some great coupons from time to time, so you can definitely get it at a lot cheaper price. Just something to keep in mind.

The Natulique Heat and Sun Protector retails for $44.95,- and you can find it here.

TIP 3: D.I.Y Hair Mask

This is one of my all time favorite hair masks. Not only is it super quick and easy to make, it also leaves my hair feeling super hydrated and soft.

For this mask you will only need 2 ingredients – avocado + Rosehip Oil. What you do is grab a bowl or dish, and scoop into it half of the avocado. With a fork mash it until its in a smooth consistency, then place 1- 2 drops of the Rosehip oil in it, and then just mix it all together. Once its all combined take the mixture in your hands and massage it all over your hair, focusing on the scalp. I do this for a couple minutes then I just place my hair up into a bun and let it sit for 30 minutes.

Like with any hair mask the longer it sits in your hair the more time the mask has to fully absorb into your hair, which in turn creates better results.

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TIP 4: Essential Oils As Hair Treatments

Nothing says natural hair treatment more then essential oils. I’ve got to admit the first time I heard about this I was pretty skeptical. How was something as simple as mixing essential oils into my shampoo going to help my hair, and also why weren’t more people talking about it if it’s so great?

Well I can’t speak for other people so I don’t know why this is not being talked about more but what I do know is this hair treatment kicks ass. I honestly wasn’t expecting to love it as much as I did but now that I know about it I can’t imagine not having it in my hair routine.

This is the little guide I use were it lists all the essential oils and the wonderful benefits they provide your hair.

Tea Tree Essential Oil – Soothes dry and itchy scalp

Lavender Essential Oil – Keeps hair shiny and growing

Lemon Essential Oil – To stop and prevent dandruff

Cedarwood Essential Oil – Entourages healthy hair growth

Rosemary Essential Oil – Treats dry and flaky scalp

Peppermint Essential Oil – Cleanses and keeps hair healthy

TIP 5: Switch Between Hair Tie Alternatives

As much as hair ties are quick and convenient, the damage they cause to your hair is just not worth it over the long haul. That’s why I love switching out my hair ties whenever I can. I’ve tried out a few different alternatives from scarfs to twine to ribbon, and they’ve all worked really well for me. The only time I really need to use a hair tie is when I’m working out and that’s just because I’m jumping around everywhere, but besides that the hair tie alternatives work wonderfully. I would really recommend you try switching to using more hair tie alternatives. It dosen’t have to be everyday but even doing it a couple times a week can make a huge difference.

I actually filmed a video a few years ago were I talked about some of my favorite hair tie alternatives, which I’ll link down below for those of you who need some hair tie alternative ideas.

My Hair Tie Alternative Ideas

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Those are my tips for you. I hope you liked them and hopefully they can help out some of you with your hair woes!


xo Mirjana Valentin