My Signature Fragrances

What do clothes, makeup and perfume all have in common? They’re all a way to say something or present yourself a certain way without saying anything at all.

I’ve always loved that. How putting together a certain outfit, makeup look and scent can help you to express yourself and who you are to the world. On this blog I’ve talked a lot about makeup and fashion, but I’ve never taken the time to solely dedicate a post only to perfume, so that’s what I’m going to be doing today. I wanted to share with you my full perfume collection and tell you how I decided to make these my signature fragrances.




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This is one perfume I hold very dear to me, and not only because it was the first perfume I owned that didn’t come from the Britney Spears perfume collection, but because of the memories it holds. Have you ever had a perfume were the second you smelled it it transported you back in time? Well that’s this perfume for me. The second I smell it I’m back in Serbia, it’s the middle of winter and everything around me is covered in a blanket of white snow. That was 6 years ago and yet every time I’m around this perfume it takes me back to that time.

I don’t wear this perfume all that much these days. Mainly because here in Melbourne were I live it never snows, and when ever I put this perfume on I’m nostalgic for the snow. I like to think of it as my signature Winter Wonderland perfume. The one perfume I always wear when it’s snowing.

The 90ml Perfume retails for $59.99AUD,-. You can find more info about the Versace Bright Crystal Perfume here.


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Elegance, Fun and Summer in a bottle.

That is how I would describe this perfume, it’s the epitomy of the perfect signature summer fragrance. Well, at least for me anyway.

The second I smelled this perfume at the store I was in love. It was me in a bottle. This beautiful mix of floral, sophistication (can a perfume smell sophisticated?) and elegance in one. It was just perfect. A fragrance I could see myself wearing everywhere, – to dinner, on hikes, picnics, to the beach, bike rides, afternoon walks, basically everywhere and every occasion.

The 100ml Perfume retails for $89.00AUD,-. You can find more info about the Vera Wang Princess Perfume here.





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Now this is one perfume that was a bit of a surprise and not at all what I expected it to be. When I first saw it I naturally just assumed it was going to be a very delicate, beautiful floral fragrance, sort of like the Vera Wang Princess one, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. This fragrance is the exact opposite of that one. While it does have a slight hint of a floral scent I find it to be more of a strong, classic, sophisticated type of scent. The kind I could imagine is worn by Rachel, Donna and Jessica on Suits.

It’s such a beautiful fragrance and I just feel so sophisticated, put together and like a girlboss when I wear it! It gives me confidence. Makes me feel like I have my life together (when that could be further from the truth). I love having a perfume that can make me feel like that, and that’s one of the main reasons it’s made it into my perfume collection. It’s become my go -to signature perfume to put on when I want to feel confident and need to get things done.

The 50ml Perfume retails for $90.00AUD,-. You can find more info about the Marc Jacobs Daisy Perfume here.


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Before I got the V.W Princess Perfume this was my OG Signature Summer Fragrance.

For the past 5 years I have been wearing this perfume nearly every single day.  Yep I know, that’s commitment to a fragrance. And while I have loved wearing it all these years, I just felt it was time to retire it and try something new.

That’s not to say I’m never going to wear this perfume again, I still will from time to time, it just won’t be my go – to anymore. I thought long and hard about if I was going to include this perfume in this post, and in the end I decided to include it just because it’s been such a staple signature perfume for me for so long. I actually only recently stopped using it. I switched to my V.W Princess perfume in late December so it’s only been around a month and a half since I switched perfumes, so I had to honor such a beautiful fragrance that has been with me for so long and that has a million little memories attached to it.

The 30ml Perfume retails for $100.00AUD,-. You can find more info about the Versace Woman Eau De Parfum here.

*This is not a sponsored post. I was not asked or gifted these products to review. I purchased these products with my own money and these are 100% my own opinions.


xo Mirjana Valentin