Your Daily Boost Of Motivation!


Motivation. Inspiration. Passion.

Whatever you would call it, we all have moments throughout our day when we feel tired and unmotivated.

Usually when I’m unmotivated the first thing I want to do is head straight for the couch and binge watch Netflix for the rest of the day. And while this sounds great in theory, I know after a couple hours pass and I finally decide to go back to my ever- mounting to do list, I’m going to feel so guilty for wasting so much time.

Now there are countless ways I’ve read on blogs you can get motivated again, reading a book, listening to a podcast or going for a walk, and while these are all great sound ideas I found they don’t always work for me. I needed something different.

I’ve always been fascinated with inspirational talks. I could spend hours on hours listening to them, so I was really surprised when I found these motivational speech compilations on YouTube.  I had seen them pop up in my suggestions before but I never really took the time to really watch one fully until recently.

And I can tell you these work badass at getting you pumped and motivated for the day. I’ve already watched about a dozen of them, and they’ve quickly become part of my daily routine.

Since these videos work so well for me I thought I would share with you 5 of my favorite ones. Hopefully they can inspire you like they have me!




Arnold Schwarzenegger – NOBODY WAS LIKE ME

The Most Motivational Video Ever! 2018 will not be the same after watching this!