Bunheads Workout


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Welcome to the workout section of this blog! I am so excited to share with you my favorite workout channels, websites, routines and tips & tricks. What do you say wanna get fit together!

To kick things of I have decided to share with you one of my favorite ballet workout routines. I found this workout called The Ballet Workout with Melissa Lowe on YouTube a couple months back.

It has quickly become one of my favorites.

This is perfect if you want to tone your whole body, improve your posture and get more flexible. It does a really great of utilizing every part of your body, which is something I always look for when I’m searching for new workouts. Also a little tip I wouldn’t really recommend this if you haven’t done any exercise in the last 2 months since it is really tough. I remember the first time I tried this out, I hadn’t done any exercise for a good 2 and a half months and when I went to try this I got about half way through the video before I had to stop. I was definitely feeling the burn….everywhere!

Other then that this workout is amazing and I highly recommend you all try it out at least once! Maybe get together with a bunch of your friends and do it together! Fun and a lot,  a lot of laughter is guaranteed!!

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