Gary Vaynerchuk: The Social Media King


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For today I wanted to officially kick of my new series for this blog. The series will be called ‘People Who Inspire Me’, that’s what I’m going to call the series for now but I’m thinking I might change the name down the road to something else. My main goal of this series is to once a month introduce to you all someone who has inspired and changed my life in hopes that you to can get inspired and motivated by them.

To kick this new series of the first person I’ve chosen to feature is the king of social media Gary Vaynerchuk.

I first discovered Gary a few months back and he has honestly changed my life so much since then. I am so grateful for the invaluable advice and lessons he has taught me, he’s someone who has really helped me understand social media marketing and business so much more clearly now. I actually took a few business courses online before I found Gary’s Youtube channel and I can tell you right now I absolutely hated them. I learnt more from watching one of Gary’s 20 minute videos then I ever learnt in a 3 day course.

I really recommend to anyone whose considering taking a business course to first go and watch Gary’s videos and read his books before spending money on a course. Personally I think you’ll learn a ton of amazing advice from him since he has been running businesses for years now so he has a lot of experience and knowledge on the subject.

                                           BOOKS BY GARY

Crush It: Why NOW Is The Perfect Time To Cash In On Your Passion


Crush it is definitely one of my go to books for inspiration. In this book Gary shares how he took his family’s local retail wine business and turned it into a national industry leader just by using social media.

Where you can get it:

The Thank You Economy


With this book I actually wanted to share with you this amazing review done by  Julien. His video is honestly one of the best reviews I’ve ever watched…

…you gotta admit that was a pretty amazing review!

Where you can get it from:

              Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook: How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy Social World

61eRCiTDr7L And here’s another one of my favorite video book reviews this time by Jared Polin. He has such a great, fun personality which makes his videos really enjoyable to watch. In this video he does a quick review on Gary’s book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook……

….also let me know in the comments whether you prefer I find video book reviews like this or if you like it better when I write out what I think about the book with a quick summary!

Where you can get it:

#AskGaryVee: One Entrepreneur’s Take on Leadership, Social Media, and Self-Awareness


This book is actually one of his new releases, it just came out today. Even though I haven’t yet read it yet I have no doubt that it’ll be just as amazing as his previous books. A little of what you can expect to read about in this book is marketing, entrepreneurship, and management. He also talks about complex issues that affect everyone in the workforce, from the value of a traditional education to the best investment strategies. Gary also shares a lot of his personal stories and lessons he’s learnt from years of working in a family business, raising children and getting healthy.

Where you can get it:


The AskGaryVeeShow is a show Gary does on Youtube where he answers questions sent by his fans about marketing, family business, social media, entrepreneurship, and startups . The episodes are always filled with so much priceless and valuable advice and tips, you should definitely check out this show!!! You will not regret it!!


DailyVee is a vlog series Gary started at the end of last year where he gives us a behind the scenes look at what his life looks like in a day. It’s a great series to watch if you want to get some insight into what his life is like as an entrepreneur and see just how hard he works.

I really hope you enjoyed this post!! I had so much fun writing it for you all and I hope Gary inspires you just as much as he’s inspired me. I’ll talk to you all in my next post.

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