Get Lost In The Wonders Of The World!


Hello my beautiful readers,

So I find myself quite frequently getting a craving for travel. When I get the travel bug all I seem to do all day is daydream about the beaches in Greece or the magnificent sights in Italy or Spain. Now unfortunately since I can’t just hop on a plane and fly to some beautiful destination every time I want to travel I’ve found the next best thing is watching travel videos on YouTube.

There is nothing I love more then getting curled up on the coach and watching travel vlogs. I find it’s the perfect travel fix without the huge airplane fee.

I’d also like to add that I never watch more then one or two videos at a time. As much as I like watching the videos if I ever want to visit and experience the places myself I’m gonna have to go and hustle!

It’s good to daydream about places or things you want just make sure your putting in the hardwork daily to make them a reality!

Mimi & Alex’s Travel Videos

I’m always so excited when I see Mimi & Alex have uploaded a new travel vlog. With every vlog they put up I am in awe with the magical places they travel to. I love how they capture the places beauty, culture and people so beautifully. It’s always a joy to watch!

Mix the beautiful views + amazing music + perfect editing and you’ve got one of their travel vlogs!

  Rick Steves’ Europe

Now Rick Steves’ is someone I like to think of as the David Attenborugh of travel. His voice is perfect. It’s so soothing and pleasant to listen to. He could read out a phone book for an hour and I would sit through the whole thing.

What I also love is how he teaches the history of the places through his videos. This way your learning whilst your enjoying the beautiful scenery. For a huge geek like me this is a huge Win – Win!

  Hey Nadine

A lot of you may already know about Nadine since she is a pretty well known travel vlogger on YouTube but in case you didn’t I thought I would mention her. I first started watching Nadine’s videos around 2 years ago, she was actually the first travel vlogger I watched. I absolutely adore the way she films her videos, she captures the beauty of the places she visits perfectly. She also has an amazing personality, she’s so funny and entertaining to watch.

Those three are my favorites to watch! Let me know in the comments what you like watching or reading when you get the travel bug. Thank you so much for stopping by and reading, I’ll see you all in my next post!


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