Taking cue from Lauren Conrad

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Hello my beautiful readers,

Today I wanted to share with you my go -to hairstyle for days when I have a big work day ahead of me. My favorite way to wear my hair is down with either curls or loose waves but it always gets so annoying when I’m trying to do some work and my hair decides it wants to stick to my face like a moth to a flame. What would happen was I’d wear it down until I got so annoyed that I just ended up placing it up into a very very messy ponytail or bun. Not the cutest look since it’s not the spend hours styling “perfect” messy hair.

It wasn’t until a few days ago when I was re-watching an episode of The Hills that I found the perfect solution. I noticed the way Lauren would braid the front section of her hair, pin it in place then just leave the rest of her hair down with her flawless curls. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? This was the perfect hairstyle for busy days.

First it’s simple to recreate, it looks pretty, takes very little time to do and your hairs out of your face whilst still being down. It’s Win! Win! Win!


Let me know what’s your favorite hairstyle to do when you have a big work day ahead of you!

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xxx Mirjana