7 Days Of Glamour Hair

cashmere meets khakis hair Hello my beautiful readers,

How are you all doing today? For today’s post I wanted to share with a little hair challenge I have set up for myself. So for a while now I have been in a hair rut, I have been wearing my hair in the same non-style for weeks and my hair has began to look so dull and boring to me.

That’s when the idea for this hair challenge came to me. I thought it would be a really fun idea to do a different hairstyle everyday for a whole week. To get started I went to the place were I get all my hair inspiration from the Luxy Hair channel. They have some of the best hair tutorials on Youtube. They have so much hairstyles to choose from it was pretty tough to choose only seven from the bunch but somehow I did it.

#DAY ONE: Relaxed French Braid

cashmere meets khakisFor day one I have chosen this beautiful braid. I love how it’s such a simple, effortless look but still looks so elegant and beautiful. Especially with a low cut back shirt or dress.

#DAY TWO: French Knot Half-Do 

cashmere meets khakisFor day two I have chosen this simple half up do. This hairstyle takes only around five minutes to create {including curling the ends of your hair} and the end result is so stunning. This hairstyle I have actually tried before when I had shoulder length hair and it works just as great as it does on long hair.

#DAY THREE: The Bow Braid

cashmere meets khakisFor day three I have chosen to recreate this masterpiece. I can’t get over how beautiful this looks. The detailing and texture of the braid plus the flowers is just 💗 💗 💗 💗

I can’t wait to recreate this one 🙂

#DAY FOUR: Rodarte Inspired Rosette Braids

cashmere meets khakisFor day four I have chosen this recreation of a Rosette braid inspired by the Fall 2013 Rodarte runway show. What drew me to this hairstyle was how elegant it looks. It reminds me of a hairstyle that would appear in Vogue magazine.

#DAY FIVE: Twist Back Hairstyle

cashmere meets khakisFor day five I have chosen to recreate this twist back hairstyle. I love how the texture of the twists look. This is such a gorgeous hairstyle that looks flattering both on thin and thick hair.

#DAY SIX: Mermaid Braid

cashmere meets khakisUp to day five already, for today I have chosen to recreate this mermaid braid. This one is probably the most ambitions of the bunch. Even so I still want to give it a go and see how it turns out. The detailing from all the braids and twists mixed together is so stunning!

#DAY SEVEN: Knotted Pony Tail

cashmere meets khakisFor day seven I have decided to keep things really simple and low key so I have chosen to do this knotted braid. Even though it is really simple it’s still such a cute hairstyle.

Those are all of the hairstyles I’ll be trying for the next week. Follow me on Instagram if you want to see pictures of how I recreate them during the week. If you try any of these hairstyles out yourself let me know in the comments below, I would love to know how they turned out. If you enjoyed this post I would really appreciate it if you would hit the like button and if any of you would like to see more posts like this just click the follow button to the side. I’ll talk to you all in my next post.

xxx Mirjana