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cashmere meets khakis salonHello my beautiful readers,

How are you all this lovely Tuesday? Today I’m going to be sharing with you some hair lingo that I learned recently. Now if your wondering what hair lingo even is, it’s the “official” names for different hair cuts. {When I say official I mean the names the hairdressers learnt at school}. It’s been about 3 months since I last had my hair cut at the salon and as you could probably guess it was a disaster. I went in with long hair wanting long layers and came out with thin, shoulder length hair. Safe to say after that experience I swore of ever going back to a salon to get my hair cut.

But some time has passed, my hairs gotten long again and I’m thinking it’s got about 2 more months until it gets too long and dull and in need of a makeover. I do again want to put long layers in my hair but I don’t want to try to cut them myself {Past Experiences: Major Fail}. After going through an old magazine I stumbled across a hair lingo guide and what do you know it had exactly the haircut I wanted. Knowing this information definitely makes me feel more confident and relaxed about going back to get my hair cut.

Since this has been a huge help to me I thought why not share it with you all too. So let’s get into it….

#Asymmetrical Cut

cashmere meets khakisFirst is the Asymmetrical Cut. This is when one side of your hair is shorter than the other. This was a very popular look during the 80’s and for a while now more modern versions of this haircut have been popping up everywhere.

#Blast Drying

cashmere meets khakis

Blast Drying is when you blast the roots of your hair with a blow dryer on high heat. This will create a lot of lift and volume.

#Blunt Cut

cashmere meets khakisThe Blunt Cut refers to any hairstyle with strong edges. For example long straight hair with no layers to it or straight cut bangs {or fringe}. It looks really good on hair that is really sleek and shiny.


cashmere meets khakisDiffusing is a method of blow drying and styling your hair. It’s a really great method for curly haired women since it uses a special attachment, which is placed at the end of the blow dryer, that controls the flow of the air. This helps to create more well formed curls and also eliminates any frizziness.


cashmere meets khakisElevating is usually the final step to a haircut. This technique will remove the bluntness from your hair leaving you with a more softer, natural finish. It’s also great for creating movement in your hair.

#Finger Drying

cashmere meets khakisFinger drying is when the hairdresser uses their fingers to lift your hair from the roots while they’re blow drying to create a more tousled look.

#Geometric Cut

cashmere meets khakisThe Geometric Cut is when your hair is cut into a totally even balance on both sides of your face. A bit like a one length bob.


cashmere meets khakisThis is a very subtle cut that takes away from the edges of your hair. It removes the heaviness and flatness but still keeps the length on the top.

#Jagged Cut

cashmere meets khakisThe jagged cut is when your sections of your hair is cut on an angle to create a very messy sort of wispy look.

#Layered Cut

cashmere meets khakisThis haircut is designed to take the heaviness away from long hair. It also adds a lot of volume to your hair without losing the length. The hairdresser just takes the top of your hair and cuts it shorter in descending lengths. This haircut is also great for shorter hair since it adds a lot of movement and volume to it.

#Slicing Up

cashmere meets khakisThis haircut works great on shorter, cropped hairstyles. What it does is make the hair look more full from the roots to the ends.

#Slicing Down

cashmere meets khakis

Whilst the Slicing Up hair cut gives your hair a more fuller look this haircut is designed to remove the weight from the ends of your hair to stop it looking heavy and dragging your face down. It creates a more defined edge for your hair style.


cashmere meets khakisA Texturising Cut is when your hairdresser cuts your hair without taking away any of the length. This will create beautiful texture and movement in your hair without cutting your hair shorter.

I don’t know about you but I’m feeling more confident then ever going back to a salon now that I’m armed with my hair lingo. I’m personally going to be trying out either the Texturising Cut or Layered Cut when I go. If you try any of these out do let me know in the comments below or tell me on one of my social media accounts which will be linked to the side of this post.Also if you liked this post make sure to click the like and follow button for more beauty and fashion related posts.

I hope you found this post any way helpful I’ll talk to you beautiful ladies in my next post

xxx Mirjana