September Favorites

Hello my beautiful readers,

How are you all doing today? For today’s post I wanted to share with you my September favorites. I know I’m a little late with this post since we’re already half way through October but hey better late then never right. I’ve included a range of things from food to Youtubers to music to whatever else I was loving that month. Let’s get into it…


cashmere meets khakisI first discovered Lucy’s channel Loepsie through her Beauty Beacon videos. I loved how she incorporated history into her beauty videos. She makes each of her videos so unique and entertaining to watch. Besides her beauty beacon videos she also does lookbooks, hair tutorials, makeup tutorials and reviews. She also uploads frequent vlogs on her Loepsie’s Life channel.

#Gary Vaynerchuk

cashmere meets khakisGary Vaynerchuk’s channel I discovered when Alex Ikonn mentioned him in one of his Instagram posts. I am so thankful he did cause this guy is AMAZING. After watching just one of his videos I was hooked. He has so much passion for what he does and what he has to say and that shines through his videos. He’ll give you the motivation and inspiration you need to get of your butt and go follow your dreams and will also give you the knowledge you need to know about business to succeed and make those dreams a reality. Go check out his channel I can guarantee you won’t regret it!

#Flight Centers Free Magazine

cashmere meets khakisAs some of you may know one of my favorite hobbies is reading travel magazines. I could lounge around and read them for hours. I love learning about the different cafes, beaches, hiking spots and museums that a place has to offer. Since I’ve started saving money though I’ve stopped buying all magazines including my travel ones too.

I was so excited when I saw that the Flight Center in my shopping center had a rack filled with free travel magazines and the best part is you don’t have to buy anything from them to take one. You just go in and choose the ones you like. Even though it’s not Travel + Leisure it’s still a pretty good read.

cashmere meets khakis

#Picnic: The Movie

picnic-1955 cashmere meets khakis

When it comes to reviewing movies it’s not really my strong suit. I tend to always either give away a huge spoiler in the movie or tell the whole movie in every little last detail. To not do that with this movie I’ll keep it short. First of all this movie is hilarious. I love how witty and sharp the dialogue is and the actors and actresses in the movie are phenomenal. The movie has a flow to it were it keeps you wanting more, you want to know what’s gonna happen next, who’ll be with who, where the story’s gonna go, its storytelling at it’s finest. I highly recommended you check it out.

#Falabella Bag 

cashmere meets khakisMy falabella bag has gotten so much wear this month I’m surprised it still looks the way it does. I love how big it is inside. I can fit all my filming essentials plus a few more odd bits and pieces and they’ll all fit perfectly. The only thing is like most bags if you hold it on your shoulder for too long it will start to hurt. It’s probably a good idea to put only the essential things you need and take out everything else.

bag cashmere meets khakis

#Panama Wedding

panama-wedding cashmere meets khakisI fell in love with this band after listening to their song All of the people. It’s such an amazing song with a great sound to it. I personally love working with their music on in the background. There music always makes me feel happy and inspired.


tennis cashmere meets khakisTennis is a sport I have loved ever since I was a kid but it wasn’t until recently that I started incorporating tennis into my workout routines. Almost everyday {sometimes I switch it up with yoga, Pilates or dance} I will leave out 30 minutes in my day were I will go outside and play tennis. Now I don’t go to a tennis court since I have no one to take me plus they charge a fee every time you want to play there so I either just hit the ball against the wall or get someone to play with me.

#Strawberry Greek Yogurt

greek yogurt cashmere meets khakisThis yogurt is perfect for anyone who hates their yogurt being overly sweet. I can’t tell you the amount of yogurts I’ve tried and disliked because after a few spoons my teeth would start to ache. I’m pretty surprised I didn’t try this yogurt out sooner since I did try out Greek yogurt once in Serbia and I remember really liking how it tasted.

What I love about this yogurt is how good it tastes. It’s so creamy and light and the taste of the strawberries are delicious. If I had to describe it in one saying it’s a “Party in your mouth” sort of yogurt. I highly recommend it!

#Rosamunde Pilcher

books rosamunde plicher cashmere meets khakisWhile I didn’t technically discover the lovely Rosamunde Plicher’s books this month I did however buy one of her books this month. When it came time to write it into my favorites it felt wrong excluding her other books since they were just as amazing as the one I got this month so I bundled them up. #ReaderProblems

This month I got her book called The Blue Bedroom and other stories which mainly consists of short stories. I’ve only gotten half way into the book and it’s already an amazing read. She lives up to the high standards her other books have set.

Another one of her short story books is Flowers in the garden and other stories, the rest are all full length novels. They include The Day Of The Storm, Sleeping Tiger, Another View, The Shell Seekers and many more. If you have room on your summer {or winter} reading lists make sure to include one of Rosamunde’s books in there, you won’t be disappointed.

Those are all of my favorites for the month of September. Let me know in the comments below what your September favorites were or send me a link if you’ve written a November Favorites post yourself. Don’t forget to click the like and follow button for more beauty and fashion posts. I’ll talk to you all in my next post

xxx Mirjana