Meet My New Favorite All Natural Organic Cleanser

cashmere meets khakisHello my beautiful readers,

How are you all this lovely day? For today’s post I wanted to write a review on a new cleanser I got recently. The cleanser I got is by the brand Moreish, which sells all natural organic products, and I got their foaming cleanser. They do also sell a cream cleanser if you don’t like the gel texture to the foaming one but I just decided to try this one first then when I run out I’ll try their cream one next.

What first caught my eye about this cleanser was the packaging it came in. What can I say I’m a sucker for cute packaging ๐Ÿ™‚

The light blue mixed with the images of flowers on the sides complement each other so well and it just looks so elegant and put together.

Now before I bought the cleanser I did make sure to test out as many of their products beforehand. I can’t tell you the amount of times I have bought a product and thought “Hey it’s got cute packaging the product must be good” unfortunately for me this wasn’t the case 96% of the time.ย The lesson to be learnt here is ALWAYS test out the product before buying it, it’ll save you the headache and a few extra dollars.

cashmer meets khakisI love how creative they were when naming their products. Some names I saw were Euphoria for the cream cleanser, Emergance for the clay mask, Resurgence for their hand cream and for my foaming cleanser I got Liberation. The main ingredients in my cleanser are organic Moroccan Argan oil, Green Tea and Manuka Honey.

I have been a huge fan of manuka honey because of its many health benefits for so long now so I was excited when I saw it was one of the main ingredients included into their cleanser.

cashmere meets khakisAnother thing I love about this cleanser is the removable cap it comes with. Now I don’t know if they had originally planned this or if your just suppose to throw the cap away but I’ve found it’s great to use for when your traveling. You just put the cap around the nozzle and that stops the nozzle from going all the way down spilling the gel all over your bag. Now if only more products came with this.

Cashmere meets khakisThe texture of the gel is pretty much the same as of my previous foaming cleansers. It’s light and smooth and goes on nicely and I’ve noticed it doesn’t go all over the bottle once you use it which I can’t say for my other cleanser.

For this past week when I have been washing my face with this cleanser I’ve noticed how it leaves my skin feeling really soft whilst also giving my skin a refreshed look to it which I especially love early in the mornings. I also like to wash my face with this cleanser on nights when I feel like I haven’t fully taken all of my makeup off with a wipe I just wash my face with this and am good to go.

That’s all I have for you today. Let me know in the comments below if any of you have tried any products from Moreish and if you have what did you think of them? If you liked this post make sure to like and follow me for more beauty and fashion related posts. I’ll talk to you all in my next post -Mirjana