How You Can Help School Girls In Uganda By Purchasing Moxie Products.

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How are you all this fine day? Yes I know this is another late post again… I’m thinking when I end my posts and say “talk to you on Friday” I should probably add “possibly Saturday”. I’ll try much harder when Tuesday comes around to post on time.

I’m really excited for today’s post since I’ll be sharing with you how you can help young girls in Uganda get the education they deserve just by buying your feminine products from Moxie. I first discovered Moxie 2 months ago. I was wanting to change brands after my Libra pads kept bunching together through out the day when I stumbled upon a cute pink box in the feminine hygiene section.

Yep it was the Moxie Slender pads, I’m a sucker for cute packaging so when I saw this box on the shelf I had to check it out. After I finished gooing over the box I was interested in learning about what pads for pads was, luckily for me they had written everything about Pads for Pads on the sides of the box. I was surprised to read how millions of girls in Uganda miss as much as 20% of the school year because they don’t have access to adequate feminine products. I loved how Moxie was trying to solve the situation by donating the equivalent amount of locally made, reusable pads to Uganda school girls for every box sold. Even though I had no idea at the time if Moxie’s pads were any good or not I really loved what they were doing and wanted to support them so I bought myself a box of Moxie’s Slender pads.

moxie box cashmere meets khakis

One thing that I automatically loved about Moxie’s pads were how sturdy they were. I could spend the whole day playing tennis and the pad wouldn’t bunch up or move to an uncomfortable position. They are also really absorbent and soft on the skin. In my box I received 12 pads, a box to put the pads in when I’m going out and don’t want the pads flying around my purse, a picture with more information on Pads for Pads and a beautiful handcrafted bracelet made by a woman from Uganda called Ruth.

moxie pack cahsmere meets khakis

Apart from the Slender pads you can also buy Slender Liners, Sleepover pads and tampons too.

If your interested in learning more about Moxie and their Pads for Pads mission I’ll link the website here —>

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