Cockatoos, Tree Trunk & Outfit Of The Day

blop post wildernessHello my beautiful readers,

How are you all this beautiful day? The weather were I live has been so sunny and warm these past few days, which has been rare this month, so my family and I decided to go spend the day at our favorite park. It was really fun we spend the day playing tennis, watching the wildlife and walking through the various trails in the park. Early into the walk we came across a tree full of cockatoos all who were all more talkative then the next one. I did film some of them which I’ll link down below…

I planned on taking photos there for an outfit of the day but unfortunately they all came out blurry. The picture up top is the only one that came out looking half decent of the bunch. I’ve also added each individual item down below and listed were I got it from.


This jumper I bought at Rockmans around the start of autumn this year. It originally had some white blouse fabric hanging at the bottom to create a layered look to it. Even though I love that style it was just too long and made me look like I was a kid who raided her mother’s closet so it had to come of. I’m really happy with the way it turned out it has the perfect length to it now.

pantsAh my Capris! I first feel in love with these pants after watching Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina. I just loved how elegant and beautiful the pants looked on her. After searching through a few stores for pants similar to them I came up empty handed until I saw this pair in Temt. They are made from a really soft material, {I want to say cotton but I’m not sure I don’t have the tag}, you can be in them all day and you won’t feel uncomfortable, the waist is tighter then all the other parts of the pants so they fit around your waist really nice and tight. Another thing I loved about these pants is that I didn’t have to cut them shorter since they were the perfect length! I’m 5’1 so this is a pretty rare occurrence.

shiesI bought these Peter Morrissey flats last year. I love how they look really classic yet are still so comfortable to wear. I just wish they had made more then 1 color of them.

jewelleryFor my jewellery I kept it really minimal. I just wore my cross necklace and a bracelet I found in my bag that day.

Those are all of the outfit details, I hope you liked today’s post. Leave me a comment down below telling me what you did this weekend. I’ll talk to you all on Friday.