Banish Acne, Grow Longer Hair And Much More Using Only One Ingredient

coconut oil

Hello my beautiful readers,

I’m sorry this post is late, I just got really busy and couldn’t put it up yesterday but I’m back today and I’m going to be sharing with you one of my favorite products that helps get rid of acne, helps your hair grow longer, makes your stretch marks disappear and a multitude of other things. That product is none other then coconut oil. I have been in love with coconut oil ever since I used it a few years back to help fix my damaged hair. When I was younger I loved experimenting with my hair with different hair colors, haircuts and boy did I love my curling iron and straightener. As you can probably guess my hair got damaged really quickly so I had to cut my hair into a shoulder length bob and let it grow out….slowly.

I was reading through a magazine when I saw Miranda Kerr had mentioned she loves putting coconut oil in her hair to keep it healthy and strong since she gets her hair styled for photo shoots frequently. I went to the store the next day, bought some coconut oil, put it in my hair, waited..waited then washed it out. I was in total awe at how after using it only once my hair was more soft then it had been in a while. It really helped my hair get back to the way it was before if not make it better.

Let’s get into my top ten favorite uses for coconut oil.

Grow Your Eyelashes Longer

I am the biggest chicken when it comes to gluing on fake eyelashes. I still have two boxes of brand new, unopened fake eyelashes sitting in my drawer from 2013 that are still waiting to be used. So when I read on Pinterest that you can dab on a little coconut oil onto your eyelashes and that it would help them grow I knew I had to give it a go. Personally I think my eyelashes have grown more longer since putting coconut oil on them every night but I know everyone’s opinion is different. With this one you have to try it yourself and see what you think you might love it or you might not either way you should try it.

Use It As A Shaving Cream

I have stopped buying shaving creams and have just been using coconut oil when I’m shaving my legs. I love how you get a really close shave, your legs feel so soft plus you get no razor burns or cuts. Did I mention how soft your legs feel 🙂

Make Scratches Heal Faster

Coconut oil is an essential item for anyone who owns a cat or a pet that loves to leave scratches all over your hands. I can’t count the amount of times my hands have been covered with scratches from my little ball of fluff. I’ll admit I do annoy him when he sleeps but he’s just to cute not to cuddle. For the scratches to heal quicker I just rub coconut oil onto my hands right before I go to bed for a few days and they are completely gone.


{My Sweet Little Pancake, Puko}

Banish Acne

I love wearing my hair down 96% of the time and that sometimes causes my back to break out. I get rid of my back acne by applying some coconut oil every morning and before bed at night.

Moisturizer For Your Body

Coconut oil is one of my favorite ways to moisturize my skin. I rub some on my whole body right before I go to bed. The next day when I wake up my skin is soft and full of moister and just ready for the day.

Make Stretch Marks Disappear

I had a few stretch marks on my thighs from when I was going through puberty. They were really red and noticeable and I remember feeling really insecure about them. I tried a few different ways to make them less noticeable but nothing worked until I started putting coconut oil on them. The more I applied the more they started to lighten up in color and while it didn’t happen instantly my stretch marks aren’t the slightest bit noticeable now. They are light and just blend right in. I would highly recommend coconut oil to anyone who wants to make their stretch marks less noticeable.

Body Scrub

Coconut oil and brown sugar, One of my favorite exfoliating body scrubs. You rub this in while your showering and when you rinse it of your skin is as smooth as a a newly polished table. At least in my opinion it is.

Homemade Toothpaste


I got to thank Pinterest for this one. I had no idea how many recipes there were for making your own toothpaste. I personally cannot wait to try this toothpaste recipe I found at, I’ll give you all a link to check it out.

Makeup Remover

After getting frustrated one to many times at running out of makeup wipes a week from buying them I decided to switch to using plain old tissue and coconut oil to remove my makeup. I love how it gets all of my makeup of, I always hated when some mascara gets leftover and it ruins my towel. I’m happy to say no towels have been ruined with mascara since using coconut oil.

Grow Hair Longer And Healthier

I went to the hairdressers and got my hair cut in August. It wasn’t that bad of a haircut I actually really liked it that was until it started to grow out. My hair was an inch past my shoulders and had layers all over {It looked exactly like Brooke Davis’ hair from season one}. As my hair began to grow out the ends of went really thin and they looked really dry and damaged. It’s been around a month and I am in awe at how long my hair has grown. {I’ll add a photo down below}

All I did was rub coconut oil in my hair, left it for an hour or longer if I have the time then just washed it out. If you do this every time before you wash your hair in a few weeks you will see a major difference. blog post

Those are all of my favorite uses for coconut oil I hope you liked it. Let me know in the comments below what are some of your favorite ways to use coconut oil or just come say hi. Make sure to like and follow my blog so you don’t miss any updates.

I’ll talk to you all on Tuesday. -Mirjana